Shooting Lessons

Learn About Clay Pigeon Shooting

There are Three Different Styles of Shotgun

3 different designs of 12 bore gun exist, Side by Side, Over and Under and Semi-Automatic.

Side by side shotguns are frequently used by traditional game shooters. On a side by side, the barrels are next to each other.

With over and unders, the barrels are on top of each other. Clay pigeon shooting favours Read more

iSpy Smartphone App Game

iSpy For Smartphones

Every year, online gaming is becoming more popular with growing sales of mobiles and smartphones. Smartphone games are a particular area of growth due to the growing use of the devices.

The majority of games can be expensive for children to play. Finding free games for children to play isn’t always easy, although there are lots out there if you look hard enough.

Among the many traditional games that have migrated online in recent years is the age old game of iSpy. Instead of crossing off items in a book as you find them, you take photo’s of them Read more