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The Future for E-Cigarettes

Cigarettes are proven to be carcinogenic and smokers know the health risks they are facing. Cigarette smokers are far more likely to die from lung and throat cancer. Many governments around the world are influenced by the tobacco industry.

Government Responsibility & Smoking

Cigarette smokers pay over £12 billion annually in duty in the UK, which makes it prohibitively expensive for the Government to stop them all from smoking. Along with tobacco, alcohol also raises billions annually in tax revenue and is also harmful for its users. There is increasing anti e-cigarette feeling growing online. The government protects workers with rigorous health and safety legislation, protecting less that 200 fatalities annually, while at the same time over 100,000 people die from smoking related illnesses but because of the massive amount of tobacco duty raised, cigarettes are not made illegal.

The UK government needs the income raised from smokers. So it seems that politicians will protect us from ourselves unless there is too much money at stake, in which case it’s OK for us to die in large numbers.

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E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers and Possible Regulation

Regulation will only come for one reason, to protect the government’s income streams by being able to tax e-liquid. The industrial giants that already dominate the smoking cessation industry will soon take over the vaporizer sector once regulation occurs. The main argument for regulation of e-cigarettes will be health based, while the practicalities indicate that lost tobacco duty needs to be raised from somewhere. The only reason for the regulation of e-cigarettes will be to enable tax to be levied on e-liquid.

Competitors to electronic Cigarettes

Two powerful industries, the tobacco and the smoking cessation sectors are going to be worst hit by increased e-cigarette use. Many smokers like the satisfying nicotine hit that they get from an e-cigarette in preference to using patches or gum. While the tobacco industry want to prevent e vaporizers from taking their customers, it is difficult for them to argue against them on health grounds.

Ever wondered what is in a cigarette to make it so tasty?

There are suspicions within the e-cigarette/vaporizers industry that some tobacco companies are quietly supporting the negative stance taken by the smoking cessation product manufacturers as it is also in their own interests to prevent e-cigarettes from becoming too popular.

Potential Government Legislation

When the main concern of legislators is how to preserve their income from the duty on cigarettes, rather than the health of the general population, it makes you wonder whose best interests our politicians have at heart? If duty is applied to e-liquid then people may well decide to save money by making their own, which is quite easy to do. Once regulated, the official manufacturers will in all likelihood do everything they can to prevent people from making their own e-liquid.

Lots of smokers are more than happy to try smoking a cheaper cigarette if it tastes OK. The more popular e-cigarettes become, the soon they will face regulation. If e-liquid can’t be taxed successfully then in all likelihood the government will instead ban electronic cigarette devices.

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Despite being a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco, it electronic devices can’t be properly taxed then governments around the world are more likely to ban then instead. The UK government will look to regulate electronic smoking devices before they start to cost the exchequer too much lost tobacco duty.

If they can’t see a way to tax e-liquid then in all probability the devices will be banned. Tobacco duty receipts are set to steadily fall as more smokers switch to electronic devices.

It is seeming inevitable that at some point in the near future electronic smoking devices will be regulated to give the treasury some control of lost tobacco duty.

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